Thunderbolt Tournament

Games will be half-ice and rink divider boards will be in place.

Quick Info

Venue: West Vancouver Arena (map)
Date: January 27, 2024
Entry Fee:  $300
Format: Half-ice, one game 3v3 or 4v4
Game Length: 30 minutes


General Info:

  • There are three divisions:
    • U7/U9, U11/U13, and U15/U18
  • Each division will have a maximum of three teams. Teams will play each other once (2 games) and the top two teams will play for a championship trophy (1 game).
  • Entry fee is $300/team.
  • Each team shall have a maximum of 12 players and a minimum of 8 players.
  • Goalies will be pooled and assigned for each game. Teams cannot pick their goalies in advance.
  • Each team shall consist of an equal number of players from house/rep or major/minor in each division and an equal number of players from each division (age group).
  • Examples:
    • a U7/U9 team may have three U7 major players, three U7 minor players, three U9 major players and three U9 minor players or similar combination.
    • a U15/U18 team may have two U15C1 players, two U15A1 players, two U18C1 players and two U18A1 players or similar combination.
    • WILD CARD: A2 team players can be counted as “A” or “C” players.

Team Registration:

  • Teams shall be formed by players and/or parents.
  • Each team shall have a team leader or manager that oversees communications to their team.
  • Proposed team rosters must be emailed to the Director of Hockey ( The registration window is January 17th 8:00am to January 22nd 5:00pm.
  • Teams will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Individuals without teams can register separately by clicking on this link.

Fees must be paid on acceptance of the team to the tournament. 

Playing Rules:

  • 3v3 half-ice hockey. 4v4 is permitted at the younger age groups.
  • 30-minute games (running time).
  • Goalies switch teams at the 15-minute mark.
  • Player benches are shared.
  • Teams must bring dark/light jerseys to each game. WVMHA game jerseys are permitted.
  • Faceoffs at beginning of game and after each goal. All faceoffs are at the centre of the playing area.
  • For all other stoppages (i.e., goalie freezes puck, penalties) “half-court” rules apply. The team that does not have possession of the puck retreats to their half of the ice until the puck is back in play.
  • Penalties are penalty shots. There is no pursuit of the penalty-taker. Play restarts with “half-court” rules.
  • Teams are ranked by number of wins/losses. First tiebreaker is goal differential. Second tiebreaker is number of goals scored.