WVMHA Scholarships


1. Availability – WVMHA scholarships are available to players who apply, and who best combine the qualifications set out hereunder.

2. Eligibility – To be eligible, players must be:
(1) currently registered in the WVMHA Midget division or playing Junior or Academy (CSSHL) hockey with a prior history of playing for WVMHA;
(2) in grade 12; and
(3) have played for WVMHA for at least two years.

3. Utilization of Scholarships – Players in high school will have one year after graduation to utilize a scholarship.  Scholarship funds must be used for tuition at a post-secondary educational institution.

4 . Criteria – The scholarships are awarded in recognition of academic achievement and community/school service combined with WVMHA hockey participation, to Midget players who best meeting the criteria. We want to  encourage hockey players to continue their involvement in WVMHA while achieving their academic goals and community service.

5. Award – The number and value of scholarships will be determined by the Scholarship Committee and WVMHA Board.

6.  Qualifications:
(1) Academic achievement.
(2) Good school and community participation and service.
(3) WVMHA hockey participation.

7 . How to Apply – Applicants should complete the Scholarship Application Form and submit a personal letter containing an outline of academic achievements, community/school participation and service, and other qualifications. In addition, the following must accompany the application:

(1) Letter from an Executive Member or team official from the applicant’s Association.
(2) Letter from applicant’s school Principal or Counsellor.
(3) Copy of most recent school report card.
(4) Copy of transcript of high school grades.

8. Selection – Applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and WVMHA Board.

9. Deadline for Submission – Application forms and supporting documentation must be received at the WVMHA Office no later than May 1st. All scholarship applications, completed as specified above, are to be emailed to info@wvmha.ca or mailed to:  WVMHA, 786 22nd Street, West Vancouver, BC V7V 4B9

10. All applications become the property of the WVMHA Scholarship Program.

11. For further information or questions contact the WVMHA President.