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Sponsorship Program

Dear Friends,

I’m writing on behalf of the West Vancouver Minor Hockey Association (WVMHA). We are seeking donations and corporate sponsorship in order to continue to provide a quality program for girls and boys in West Vancouver. We rely heavily on volunteers and community support.

While any amount of sponsorship is appreciated, your contribution of $250 will help our association secure additional practice ice time; $500 will secure additional professional coaching, and a contribution of $1,000 will allow us to buy practice jerseys and replace old equipment. We work with corporate sponsors on custom advertising and large capital expense projects. Major corporate sponsors have typically contributed between $1,500 and $5,000 to the association in the past.

There are also opportunities to contribute to our bursary and scholarship funds.

In return for your sponsorship we will include your name and logo on our website and our tournament t-shirts that are handed out to approximately 300 kids, many of whom proudly wear them to West Vancouver schools. Your logo will also be prominently displayed in the West Vancouver Arena when we host tournaments. Your logo may also be placed on our practice jerseys.

Our goal is to form well-rounded young people, while delivering a fun, skill-based and safe hockey experience. We believe our program offers many benefits to young people – both physical and social, including: health, high physical skill development (coordination, agility, reflexes, strength); life skills (working towards common goals, working within a group, developing strong communication skills and listening skills, respect for rules); self-confidence, patience and sportsmanship.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

With kind regards,

Tom Oberti, WVMHA President

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