Saturday, Oct. 23
TimeTeamScheduled Ice Time at WV Arena
12:00BBQ Setup
12:30U6 & U7no
1:30U912:30 pm: U9 Practice (45 min)
2:00U15 A1, C13:45 pm: U15 C Practice
2:45U11 A2, C11:30 pm: U11 A2 Game (1hr)
3:30U18 C1, C2no
4:00U11 A12:45 pm: U11 A1 Game vs N. Van (1hr)
4:15U13 A1,C1,C2no
5:00Done (Packup)


  • Minimum $20 raise to play (3 pucks hardest shot, 10 pucks accuracy)
  • Every $100 raised awarded 1 extra hardest shot and 2 extra accuracy pucks
  • Hardest shot winner is single fastest recorded shot; tie-breaks are based on average of all shots
  • Accuracy is the average % of shots pocketed in any of the 7 holes
  • U6 & U7 shoot street hockey balls
  • U8 & U9 shoot green biscuits
  • U11 and up shoot standard pucks

Fundraisers to ensure their fundraising sum is accurate and that their sponsors link donations to their account.

Fundraising will end Sunday, October 24th at midnight Pacific time


Overall Top FundraiserPS5 with NHL 22
2nd Highest FundraiserHigh-end stick
3rd Highest FundraiserDryland training kit
Hardest Shot (per team)WVMHA T-Shirt (branded “Hardest Shot”)
Accurate Shot (per team)WVMHA T-shirt (branded “Most Accurate Shot”)
Raise $100WVMHA T-shirt
Raise $200WVMHA T-shirt & WVMHA hat
Raise $400WVMHA T-shirt & WVMHA hat & WVMHA hoodie
Raise $100 to enter random draw Full Custom True skates (alternatively $1,000 gift card from Larry’s)
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