COVID-19 – Officials

Game Officials

Ingress Procedures

  • Officials must arrive fully dressed for officiating hockey and shall enter the building from the west doors (along 22ndStreet);
  • Officials may only enter the arena when a home team safety person is available to check them in 15 minutes prior to their ice time;
  • On entry to the arena, officials must have their temperature taken and sanitize hands;
  • Officials will be directed to Dressing Room 3 to tie skates;
  • Physical distancing must always be maintained;
  • Access to the ice is only permitted once the previous ice users have completely exited the ice surface;


  • Everyone must wear masks, including in the referee room or in any other space where they cannot maintain 2m (6ft) physical distance;
  • The ice, player benches and penalty boxes are considered to be the “field of play” and are exempt from physical distancing/facemask requirements except as mandated by BC Hockey.

Egress Procedures

  • On completion of their allocated ice time, officials must exit the arena via the door at the north end of the dressing room hallway. 
  • Officials must exit the arena within 10 minutes of the conclusion of their ice time. 
  • Physical distancing must always be maintained.

Arena Ingress/Egress Map

West Vancouver Arena West Entry

Communications and Safety Officer

Our Risk Manager is Mark Baron and can be reached at or 604-318-0753

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