Return to Play

WVMHA plans to return to operations on September 8th, 2020. The first week of the season will be devoted to “A” or “rep” team tryouts/camps for players who have registered for tryouts. There will be several “open ice” sessions available to all our members during that period. The regular season and schedule begins on September 17, 2020 for all players.

The safety of all our participants and their families is our top priority and key to the planning and execution of our Return to Play plan. The protocols and procedures described in it will help reduce risk and permit our children to play the game they love. 

We are working with the District of West Vancouver and other agencies to ensure that we have effective and sensible protocols in place and are in compliance with all regulatory requirements and public health guidance.

Our lead development coaches are developing strategies for on-ice activities that will maximize player development. While there will be a strong emphasis on individual skills, team and game concepts are also part of the curriculum. We are viewing the present situation as an opportunity. Most divisions will have a higher number of practices than usual, and almost all our practices are led by professional coaches. The goal is to accelerate our players’ skills development and knowledge of the game during this transition period. We want our players to be ready to perform at their best when we return to game play.

While we hope things return to normal in the not too distant future, this plan will be our starting point. The plan is scalable, and we have prepared several different programming scenarios should they be required.

Value Proposition

Due to COVID-19 adaptations, the delivery of hockey programming and the value proposition may look a little different this year.

For example, at the older age groups and “A” teams, we may have three ice times a week instead of four because away games may occur later in the season. Because this has no impact on our costs, we cannot pro-rate. However, instead of having two practices a week, there will be three practices a week led by professional coaches. Players have much more puck touches in practice as compared to games, so even though we love playing games, there is commensurate or better value from a skills development perspective being delivered.  

At the younger age groups, due to the need to have smaller groups, practice times may be shortened. For example, they may last 45 minutes instead of an hour. The value proposition remains similar, however, since there will be half as many kids on the ice during practice (~15 instead of ~30) and players will spend less time waiting between drills and will receive more personalized instruction. The effective skills development opportunity actually increases rather than decreases even though the practice times are shorter.

Our aim is to provide the best possible programming and value in minor hockey. Jon Woodyard, our lead development coach, is preparing a curriculum that will maximize the usage of ice time and provide a progressive and engaging hockey experience for our players no matter how long COVID-19 restrictions remain in place. 

We are also working with neighbouring associations to share best practices and develop early opportunities for our players to engage in competitive scenarios within the regulatory framework that is in place.

Pro-rated refunds will be given should the season be shortened due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Refund Policy

On or before Aug. 30full refund subject to a $60 fee to cover pre-paid PCAHA fees and administrative costs
H1 age group only: Sept. 1 – Sept. 30full refund subject to a $60 fee to cover pre-paid PCAHA fees and administrative costs
All other age groups: Sept. 1 – Oct. 1550% less $60
After October 15no refund
Injury:The Board may prorate the refund in the event of a season ending injury or sickness.
Suspension and/or disciplinary action:no refund

*A $50 discount for early registration will be deducted from the fees listed below until August 1, 2020.

Please direct your questions to the Registrar:

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