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H4 Tournament


General Tournament Information

Games will be cross-ice and rink dividers will be in place.

Quick Info

Venue: West Vancouver Arena (map)
Dates: H2/H3: December 3rd and 4th 2016. H4: January 21st and 22nd 2017.
Entry Fee:  H2/H3 $700. H4 $800
Format: H2 and H3: cross-ice, 4v4 or 5v5 at coaches’ discretion. H4: cross-ice, 4v4.
Game Length: 45 minutes including a 3-minute warm-up.
Number of Games: minimum 4

Tournament Rules:

Upon arriving at the arena before every game, a team official must verify and sign the game sheet. Teams are asked to use the assigned dressing rooms. Dressing room information will be displayed in lobby area of the arena and in the hallway near the dressing rooms. Teams are asked to be dressed and ready to step on the ice at their designated time.

A reminder to all teams that proper gear (CHA approved) is to be worn at all times. Please remember that there is Zero Tolerance for verbal or physical abuse of our referees. This is inclusive of spectators. These officials are young and fairly new to officiating and therefore need our encouragement and support.

Playing Rules:

Games will be 45 minutes in length.  Face offs will be conducted after stoppages. There will be a 2 minute buzzer to signal the player changes for H2 and H3. H4 will be shift on the fly.  Games will have no score kept or posted.

Refereeing: All games will be refereed (including H2). If penalties are called players must sit out until the end of their shift, or a penalty shot may be awarded.

H4 team splitting: teams will be split into two “squads”,  with one squad playing on one sheet (A) and the other on sheet (B). Squads should be formed according to player ability. The more proficient players should be on one squad (and will play against the other team’s more proficient squad), and the developing players will be on the other squad. This ensures that the more proficient players will be challenged and the developing players will have a better opportunity to touch the puck and be involved in the game. H4 Teams please remember to bring two (2) sets of goalie gear!

Player benches: H4 teams will be split into two squads. Each squad will occupy the bench on their half of the ice and share it with the opposing squad. The squads will use the bench door closest to their net. H2 and H3 teams will have benches (foam pads) in the neutral zone on the ice.

Team officials on the ice: in H2 and H3, team officials will be required to be in the neutral zone on the ice to facilitate line changes, etc. ONLY rostered team officials are permitted on the ice and helmets and skates are MANDATORY. The only exception is for a team official who is not a skater. We recommend that the official remain on the player benches, but if they must be on the ice, crampons are available from WVMHA and must be worn.







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