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A guiding tenet of our association is to develop good citizens through sport. This means engaging in our community not only as ambassadors of our sport and association, but also as people who are cognizant of the needs of others. To that end, our association, players and families took on several internal and external initiatives this year that were designed to (1) remove barriers from sport, (2) support the needs of our community and (3) grow the game of hockey.

Removing Barriers

Removing Barriers to Hockey Players

We are committed to remove barriers from participation in hockey. West Vancouver is a privileged and affluent community, but it also has a much wider range of demographics than most people realize – especially at WVMHA. To remove or alleviate financial and other barriers to hockey, we offered the following programs:

  1. A free hockey equipment package (all pads, skates, helmet, hockey bag, jersey, socks and stick included) for new-to-hockey players aged 4-8. The equipment package was created in partnership with our apparel supplier, Larry’s Sports, and was entirely funded by WVMHA and its sponsors.
  2. Partnerships with community groups, such as the “Old Vets” men’s hockey group to provide funding for a deserving underprivileged player; remaining fees covered by WVMHA.
  3. Worked with Athletics for Kids and KidSport to provide funding for qualifying families.; funding topped up by WVMHA bursary program to cover all hockey fees.
  4. Allocation of a portion of all sponsorship money to WVMHA bursary program.
  5. WVMHA scholarship program for graduating players.
  6. Equipment swap and equipment loan program (for goalies).
  7. Reach out to groups such as the Squamish First Nation to explore funding and participation opportunities for indigenous players

Charitable Initiatives

Rinks of Hope Project Mongolia

Organized by Nate Leslie, Rinks of Hope Project Mongolia was an initiative to send hockey equipment to players in Mongolia. WVMHA contributed a significant amount of gear to the program. It was heartwarming to see photographs of WVMHA gear being worn by Mongolian children!

Hockey has a wonderful way of pulling Canada together, and it has the possibility of pulling Mongolia together too.  We have a wonderful country and to see it represented through sport here in a rink like this just lights your heart on fire. Ed Jager, Former Canadian Ambassador to Mongolia and supporter of Rinks of Hope: Project Mongolia.

North Shore Harvest Project

Our association collected goods for the North Shore Harvest Project. This initiative was proudly organized by our Peewee A1 team.

We received a special thank you note:

Your recent donation has made a direct impact towards supporting families move out of poverty, right here across our North Shore neighbourhoods. It takes a community to raise a child and it is with our deepest gratitude we say thank you. Here is just one mom’s story and how your efforts helped change her direction:

When I came to the Harvest Project I was escorted there by "The Suicide Prevention Program “. I was devastated by a landslide of unfortunate events including losing my job and an array of mental conditions that I had to learn how to cope with. I could not afford to feed my child. Every time she went to the empty cupboards looking for food, I fell deeper into despair. At Harvest Project, I was welcomed with warmth and positive direction. My councilor helped me to set realistic goals that I was able to achieve and put me into Art Therapy and Money Management programs at the center of my path for change. I had food. I had support. I had clothing. I had friends. I worked VERY hard on my goals and to do list. I was not just there for free food. I was there for the integrity of the program. I am happy to say I have now graduated. I still struggle to survive at times, however, I am no longer drowning. I know how to make it on my own. Harvest Project gave me the support and survival tools, right when I needed them. But MOST importantly, I am thriving independently now. - A very grateful single mom.

West Vancouver SPCA

The Atom A1 team collected donations from the wider community for the SPCA which included towels, pet food/treats, toys, and other supplies for the branch.

Growing the Game

Growing the game, especially amongst new Canadians, has been a priority for WVMHA. Our efforts have begun paying dividends, as our registration numbers grew 8% over last year. We participate in as many community events as possible, including the West Vancouver Community Day Parade, and various events at the West Vancouver Community Centre. We also run ball hockey programs in local elementary schools and participated in BC Hockey’s “Road to the World Juniors” elementary school tour.

A notable pre-season effort including setting up a booth at the Park Royal Shopping Centre. The booth received considerable attention and let to direct registrations, not only for us, but also for North Vancouver Minor Hockey and the Vancouver Thunderbirds.

We've also been working with other sports, such as Field Hockey, Soccer, and Track and Field, to promote physical literacy and multi-sport participation. Together with these other sports, we founded the West Vancouver Sports Alliance this year to promote youth sport in the community.

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