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WVMHA - Team Manager Guide


The Team Manager coordinates team activities for the coach and is responsible for the organization of off ice activities, team administrative issues and distributing information to parents, players, other team officials and WVMHA.



The following is intended as a guide to help you fulfill your role but as many of the issues covered are subject to either PCAHA or WVMHA rules and regulations, you must read the relevant section of those rules and regulations and be governed by them.



·         Must be organized and willing to attend all games and tournaments.

·         Must take the ‘Speak Out’ course before December 1 and provide confirmation of date taken to the Association Registrar.  (Course only has to be taken once)


·         A PCAHA Rule Book is available in the Equipment Room at the arena.  Please review it as you must familiarize yourself with the rules governing Minor Hockey.

Team Jerseys

·         Assign two parents to be responsible for the Home and Away jerseys.  The jerseys or not to go home with the players.  Both sets of jersey must go to every game in case there is a colour conflict.  The Home team is responsible to make the change but when playing away, sometimes they are not able to, so be prepared. 

·          At the end of the season, ensure every jersey is clean and accounted for before returning the garment bags to the locker. 

Ice Schedule

·         The Association Ice Scheduler provides teams with the practice and ‘Home’ game schedule.  Changes are sometimes required to the practice schedule to accommodate other teams’ game or tournament conflicts.   Every effort is made to provide ‘make up’ times where a team loses a practice time.

·         The League Manager allocates dates for ‘Away’ games.

·         You will receive several league schedules during the season.  Please ensure that you resolve conflicts as quickly as possible and update the team with any changes.

·         Provide the League schedule to the WVMHA Ice Scheduler as soon as you receive it.  This will assist the Ice Scheduler in resolving conflicts.

Unused Ice Time

·         You must advise the Ice Scheduler immediately if you are unable to use your game or practice time.  Failure to advise the ice scheduler will result in a team penalty.

Game Conflicts

·         Where game conflicts occur, it is the responsibility of the ‘home team manager’ to reschedule the game.  You must contact the WVMHA ice scheduler to obtain an alternate time that does not conflict with the other team’s game schedule.  The other team must accept that time if it does not cause a league conflict and provided there is a reasonable ferry schedule for Sunshine Coast teams.

·         Once a resolution is confirmed, you must advise the League Manager of the revised date and also the Association Referee Assignor for Bantam house teams and below as they require 48 hours to organize on-ice officials.

·         Please remember to advise all of the parents and players of the revised game date.

Game Start Time

·         You must ensure that your team is on the ice and ready to go at the game start time.  Games that start late will likely result in a shortened game.

·         Failure to start on time can have serious consequences for the team including fines.

Exhibition Games

·         Before any exhibition game can be played, you must obtain a game number from the League Manager.  You must advise the Association Referee Assignor for Bantam house teams and below.  The League Manager arranges on ice officials for Bantam Rep and up.

·         The Home team must make arrangements to pay the on-ice officials as WVMHA does not cover the fees for exhibition games. 

·         NOTE:  Exhibition games may not take precedence over league scheduled games.

Game Sheets

·         Home Games:

o        It is your responsibility to ensure that the Game sheet is completed in due time before a game and made available to the ‘away’ team so that they can complete their roster.  Please review the PCAHA rule book for details.

o        You must ensure that someone (you or a designated parent) enters information on the game sheet during play (exhibition and league games).

o        After the on-ice officials have signed the game sheet, you must distribute the appropriate copy to the visiting team, update TeamLink (Atom and above) and submit the League Manager’s copy within 24 hours of the end of the game.  (you can fax it and mail the original)

·         Away Games:

o        The home team prepares the game sheet but it is your responsibility to ensure that all on the bench are entered onto the game sheet.

·         All Games:

o        You must ensure that all players on the bench for that game are shown on the roster together with the designated ‘AP’ by the names of any  ‘Affiliated Players’.

o        You should also note ‘A’ beside the names of the Assistant Captains and ‘C’ beside the name of the team Captain.

o        You should also note 'OA' beside the names of players who have received an Overage Exemption to play one division down.

o        You must ensure that only eligible players are on the game sheet roster.

Game Cancellations

·         If you do have to cancel a game, you must first obtain agreement from the other team AND the league Managing Director.  (See the PCAHA rule book for required notice and exemptions.)  Except in PCAHA approved circumstances, failure to obtain prior permission will result in the team being fined by PCAHA.

Referee & Linesman Fees

·         At the beginning of the season, WVMHA provides a float to the team manager to pay on ice officials for league games.  (See the PCAHA rule book for the rate to be paid at your level to referees and linesman.)

·         You must maintain the summary sheet provided by WVMHA and submit it to the Association Treasurer at the end of the season together with any unused funds.  You will be reimbursed for any excess costs incurred as a result of league play.

·         NOTE:  The Association does not pay the cost of on-ice officials for exhibition games.  You must make separate arrangements to pay for this (e. g. 50/50 money).


·         If your team decides to do 50/50 draws, you will require a class D gaming license

Clock and Scorekeeper

·         You must designate a volunteer for ‘clock’ duty for every home game and another volunteer for ‘game sheet’ duty.

·         It is advisable to have a designated timekeeper (clock) and scorekeeper (game sheets) in order to ensure that they are knowledgeable in running the clock and completing the game sheet.

Player Movements

·         It is the manager’s responsibility to notify the WVMHA Registrar immediately any player movement takes place.  The Registrar will update the rosters with PCAHA.  Failure to notify PCAHA of roster changes can have serious consequences to the team and team officials.

·         House Teams: 

o        PCAHA requires that house teams are balanced within each division and it is sometimes necessary to move players between house teams to achieve this.

o        House players can be affiliated to ‘rep’ teams and can be either ‘called up’ for specific games or moved permanently up to the ‘rep’ team.

·         Rep Teams:

o        Initial team selection will be made by September 30.

Player Suspensions

·         Sometimes players are suspended.  If you or the coach is unclear whether a player is suspended, it is your responsibility to contact the League Manager for clarification.

·         Playing a suspended player can have serious consequences for the team, the player and the team officials.

Overage Exemptions

·         Sometimes players who are ‘overage’ are allowed by PCAHA to play down a level.  These players must have a ‘OA’ noted on all game sheets besides their name.

Affiliated Players to Rep

·         Rep teams can ‘affiliate’ house team players and are able to call them up for practices and/or games.

·         You must advise the Association Registrar of the names of players the team wishes to Affiliate and then receive confirmation from the Registrar that the Affiliation is approved before you can include that player in a game. 

·         When an ‘Affiliated’ player participates in a game, their name must be on the game sheet and ‘AP’ added beside their name.